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We are partners of the H2020-PHC-2015 project HEAT-SHIELD (Integrated inter-sector framework to increase the thermal resilience of European workers in the context of global warming). The project aims to develop strategies to mitigate the detrimental health and societal effects of global warming, in five key European industries: manufacturing, construction, transportation, tourism and agriculture. Our researchers develop numerical strategies to investigate ways to mitigate heat stress on workers of the construction and transportation sectors. Twenty European partners participate in this project.


Main partners:

  • Universities (Thessaly, Porto, Copenhagen, Ljubljiana, Florence, Loughborough...)

  • Policy Makers and Civil Society (MeteoSWISS, AgeUK, CeRIMP, VGGM...)

  • Companies (ACCIONA, ODELO, KTB, CETRI)

  • Research Centres (JSI, TNO, EMPA)

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